What is the difference between a cpy(Copy) and a backup?


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    Other than the resulting file names, actually very little.
    A Q backup will create an exact copy of your current Q data file, with and extension "-backup" and, optionally, a date & time stamp inserted between the original file name and the .QDF-backup
    A Copy will be another .QDF file,  but it can have any "base" name that you choose.
    BOTH, unlike a Windows copy, operate on a "record by record" basis ... so that any deleted records aren't carried over.  This sometimes helps when trying to debug issues.
    Also, Backups can be set to happen automatically.

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    There is actually a few ways you might do the copy.
    Windows File Explorer copy of .QDF file.
    File -> Save Copy.
    File -> File Operations -> Copy

    The first two are the same, they just copy byte for byte.
    File -> File Operations -> Copy" is different in that it copies "records".  As such it "cleans" the output file somewhat as in it will skip the records that are on the "deleted list".  And you can also choose the time frame other options of what should be copied.

    Backup is just like the first two copies except that it changes the output file type to .QDF-backup.  In reality a .QDF and a .QDF-backup file are identical.  But Quicken will react differently when you open a .QDF and a .QD-backup.  If the file type is .QDF it will "open it in place" and use it.  If the file type is .QDF-backup Quicken will prompt you to where you want to copy it before it is opened (it will copy it to a .QDF file type).

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    The basic file structure (data) is the same. The difference is when making a copy, you will use a new name for the copied file. So DATA.QDF will be copied as NEWDATA.QDF or whatever you select.
    Whereas a backup is a safeguard file that contains the same name with the extension - Backup and date added. So DATA.QDF when backed up becomes DATA-2020-04-14.0515pm.QDF-backup for system backups and DATA-2020-04-14.QDF-backup for manual backups.

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