Are there any products available for importing stock options daily quotes

My portfolio includes several stock options that have not been exercised or expired. Is anyone aware of a product that will perform daily retrieval of stock options data and then import into Quicken - Open/Close/Hi/Lo/Volume?
Quicken has already told me that this information cannot be retrieved from with Quicken. Many thanks.


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    What QMac product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.  AND, if it's there, what's your "Valid Thru" date?
    I'm running QWin, and while my Q doesn't automatically download ALL that you ask for, it downloads most of it ... which is suspect is the most that's available.

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  • bill.burt
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    Thank you for your reply. Quicken data: Home and Business 2020 Version 5.15.3 (Build 515.33035.100).
    Your screen shot, which I appreciate, is stock pricing. I'm looking for a way to import stock options pricing. Thanks again.
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    I agree, that Quicken for Mac does not handle stock options well. I am currently running a 30 day trial of [removed - no soliciting] and so far I like it for options and stock tracking. It is a subscription product comparable in price to the Quicken subscription. I will probably cancel Quicken and use it for investment tracking, while using [removed - no soliciting] (free) for banking and budgeting. If you use Bill Pay though, [removed - no soliciting] would not work for you.
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    bill.burt said:
    Thank you for your reply. Quicken data: Home and Business 2020 Version 5.15.3 (Build 515.33035.100).
    Not germane to your question, but just making sure you're aware: there is no Home and Business version of Mac software. You can pay for a Home and Business subscription, and that subscription allows you to download Quicken Windows and/or Quicken Mac. But on the Mac side, there is no additional software functionality you get with the Home and Business subscription level; you can save money by purchasing the Quicken Premier level subscription in the future -- your software and services won't change one iota.
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