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On April 3, I began to have difficulty with Quicken not updating bond pricing (using CUSIP numbers since I think that there are no symbols) and preferred stocks. Surprisingly, I was able to remedy the problem with the preferred stocks by changing the symbols to a made-up symbol and then changing them back to the actual symbols, but the same "fix" did not work with the bonds. How do I get the bond quotes updated as they did before April 3?


  • alourie
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    I should add that my version is and that preferred stock price updating worked fine before April 3/4 and bond pricing with CUSIP numbers worked on and off, but not is seems to be just off.
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    Hello @alourie

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    If you are still needing assistance with the preferred stock price not updating in Quicken, please take a moment and review the information available here, and post back to let us know what version and release of Quicken you are using.

    Please also let us know if this occurs for all bond quotes, or only on specific bonds.  The more information you can provide regarding this issue will help the Community to better understand and assist.

    Thank you, 


  • alourie
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    Hi Sarah,

    I am using Quicken Premier version R26.17, Build The problem is with any bond that does not have a symbol. An example would be JPMORGAN CHASE & CO DEP SHS REPSTG 1/10TH PFD SER, which Quicken shows in the symbol field as 6812394. The CUSIP number though is 46625HHA1. Since April 3, I am not getting any quotes for any security that does not have a "normal" stock symbol. Thank you.
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    I am using Deluxe 2020, version 5.15.3, build 515.33035.100 for MAC. Bond prices not being updated. Thanks, John
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    alourie said:
    Hi Sarah,

    I am not getting any quotes for any security that does not have a "normal" stock symbol. Thank you.

    Prices come from one of three methods.  The first is from Quicken Inc's service provider.  And for them to provide the quote this has to be one that has a "normal stock symbol".

    The second way that prices are retrieved is part of the download from the financial institution.  The prices for the securities you hold with that financial institution should be sent in the OFX information Quicken gets when downloading from that financial institution.

    The last way is any manually entered prices.
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  • alourie
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    You, my friend, are a genius. Thank you. I tried downloading the transactions from Schwab and voilà, there was an updated price. April 3 must have been the last date I downloaded from Schwab. Now, the question just turns to why can't Quicken provide the updated bond pricing along with updated stock pricing?
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