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Hi is there an PDF manual on using Quicken. I would prefer to read through a manual. Thank you


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    Hello Occativ,
    Thank you for posting your concern. Yes, there is quite a bit of information readily available to help you learn how to use Quicken to your full and best advantage.
    The Quicken Team is constantly writing/updating the help information articles and videos; there is no one single PDF file to download as a complete Quicken manual.

    We do encourage you to use the > Support > Help Center and to learn about using Quicken more effectively. 
    And there is a Quicken Channel on YouTube, if watching a video might help you too. 

    Additionally, within the Quicken software itself, when you click on Help (at the top of the screen) Getting Started Guide, Quicken Help (F1) and Tips & Tutorials are in the drop-down menu.

    Further, you are always welcome to contact support if need be. 
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    @occativ43  Check out this post, which has the most comprehensive links to getting started resources:

    Quicken Mac FAQ: Where to find a Help Guide for 2016 (onward)?

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