when I reconcile the Prior Balance is always off $100.00 from the previous month's balance

It seems like a Quicken bug, because I went back a few months and it happens every time.


  • GeoffG
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    Your prior balance being off by $100 is the result of either an item marked as reconciled for the wrong hundred value amount or a balance adjustment entered. You will need to go back as many months as needed until you find the amount in question.
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  • splasher
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    If the beginning balances of the reconcile are changing from what they were, it is because the Reconciled transactions have changed.

    The opening balance of the reconcile is the sum total of all of the R transactions in the register and is calculated at the time of reconciliation and not stored for future reference.

    What could change that # is one of the following:
    1. a blank or C was changed to a R
    2. an R was changed to a blank or C
    3. the amount of an R was changed
    4. a new transaction was marked R to begin with
    5. a R transaction was deleted

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