One Step Update asking for a Bank Password entry after last upgrade. ?

Why, since the last Quicken upgrade (to R26.15 Build Does my Quicken Premier ask for the password for one of my banks when starting the One Step Update... When I provide the correct password, it asks for it again. When I uncheck the update selection box it will update the other banks with no problem. I can log on to the bank manually with the credentials and I can manually update the bank data with the Update Now function with no problem. One Step Update has been working fine for months.


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    @Fingurpokn - This has occasionally happened to me, too.  What usually fixes the problem for me is to go into PW Vault and re-enter the PW for that bank.
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    Unfortunately that did not resolve this particular problem. I'm actually using a 93 bit password generator (No special characters in this case)… Quicken seems to have a problem with special character passwords even though the financial institution does not.
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    Hi @Fingurpokn ,

    Actually the 93-Bit password generator, varies with the number of Characters in the password. When Special Characters are included for a 16 letter and number password, the Bit strength is 95, without Special Characters, the Bit Strength is 93.

    Which Bank are you having problems with? Have you updated to R26.17, to see if that fixes the problem?

    By the way, I always Copy and paste the password from the Password Generator, when generating a new Password.

    See this FAQ:
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