UTX recently split into RTX and otis and carrier utx name unchanged but RTX is the underlying stock

I made a mistake when downloading the financial info .. I got the notice asking me if the RTX was really UTX which is what was in quicken ... I should have said "no" but said yes .. so now RTX doesn't show up except as the underlying stock with the heading UTX .. how do I undo this?


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    When did you download the financial info?  If it was fairly recently perhaps the easiest and fastest thing to do is to restore a backup file from just before that download.

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    Hi @cberistain,

    Here's a thread on how to handle the Raytheon/United Technologies transaction in Quicken https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7873573/how-to-treat-utx-and-rtx-shares#latest

    Obviously, You made a mistake in just changing the ticker symbol.  You should first change the symbol back to UTX (and if you can't do that for some reason, you may need to restore a backup copy of your Quicken data file).  You should then follow the guidance referenced above, first to properly account for the spin off of both Carrier & Otis and then to effect the merger of United Technologies and Raytheon (and as part of that transaction you will end up with shares of Raytheon Technologies (and the new stock with the ticker RTX).

    Good luck,


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