Can more than one user use Quicken on my desktop?

When I sign onto my computer, Quicken is on my Windows desktop. I click and it opens like it's supposed to, with all my accounts. My wife has her own user name and password on my desktop. When she logs in and opens Quicken no accounts appear, and she can't open the Quicken data file using the menu. Is there a way we can use my Quicken setup? (Yes, she can log in as me and use it -- that's what we're now doing.) Thanks.

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    It comes down to WHERE the Quicken folder is located.
    The idea of course is to separate and protect Windows users from accessing each others data files.... docs, pictures, videos, music, etc -
    Normally the Quicken folder is in the path.....
    ---> C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Quicken-Files
    where [owner] is the Windows user name.
    SO... if you BOTH want to be able to access and open the Quicken files,
    one way would be to move the files to the /public/ path on your computer.
    --->   C:\Users\Public\

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    As @ps56k stated, you need to move the .QDF data file to a public area so that any users of the computer can read and write to the file.
    The big issue with this is that you have to make sure that you never switch between the Windows' users with Quicken open.  If you do and the second user tries to open and run Quicken, you will have a big time problem.
    Since you described a situation where you are not trying to keep your finances separate and completely independent of each other, there is no reason you would need a second license/subscription for Quicken.

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