no 2 line in register. Had Quicken since early 90s and always had 2 line register


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    The new Quicken Mac doesn't have two line register mode, but it is also a lot more flexible in what fields are available, and the user to order them how they like.
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    Yes, the modern Quicken was redesigned a decade ago.

    The 2-line register was created way back when monitors were small. It's actually harder for the brain to separate the different values as you scroll through transactions when every alternate line has different values, instead of each value being in its own column. And continuous smooth scrolling, versus jumping a page at a time, is a big improvement over Quicken 2007. But it looks different, to be sure, and it takes some getting used to. I thought it was bad not to have the 2-line register when I first tried using modern Quicken Mac, but before long, I came to like it better than what I was used to. What specific problems are you finding with the single-line register?
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