How to Fit Register onto Screen??

I upgraded to the new online version of Business recently. My register no longer fits on my screen in one view, I need to continually scroll to the right to see the payment, deposit and balance columns. I'm using Windows 10 and a 32" monitor. How can I fix this to see everything left to right on the register without scrolling?


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  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    "new online version of Business"  ??????
    There is no online version of Quicken Business.
    Are you talking about Quickbooks?  If so, here is there forum: QB Forum

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  • larrykarp
    larrykarp Member ✭✭
    I misspoke on the version. It's the 2020 Home, Business, Rental Property Quicken, version R26.17
  • larrykarp
    larrykarp Member ✭✭
    Thanks Chris, my size of text was set at 150% (Recomended). I decreased that and obviously it made everything smaller, but Q fits on the screen.
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