Backup copy on second computer

I run my Quicken for Business on the Windows side of my MacBook Pro using Parallels. I have now just installed a copy of Quicken on a spare PC I have. I did a "save a copy as" from the Mac to a common drive on my network.

I successfully opened the file on the PC but rather than let me look at it, Quicken decided it wanted me to enter my Quicken ID before I could look at the file. I entered my ID from the PC and it then proceeded to tell me it could not open the file because another program had the file in use. Exactly.....the MacBook had the file open.

My question is there a way I can simply open the file with the PC while the Mac has the file open? In other words, I don't see a need to have Quicken ask for my ID when I use the PC. I simply want it to function as having a backup file already in place if the Mac dies on me. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to allow? Thx

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