Last month it balanced this month beginning balance does not match.

I balance my checkbook every month and most moths it balances with no issues. Last month I don't recall having any issues and it balanced perfectly. This month when I go to reconcile for April, the beginning balance is different than my statement beginning balance. If I change the beginning balance to match the beginning statement balance then reconcile, it does not balance and it says the Opening Balance Difference line and the Difference line in the lower right are the same value. Cancel and yes loose my work and then reconcile again but leave the beginning balance what Quicken says the beginning balance is I come up again with the same value on the Difference line as before. (Which is the exact difference between Quicken and my statement.

There are no mis-marked entries... (ie something marked reconciled that should not be or vice-versa.

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  • TheSampler
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    Yes Quicken Premier on W10
    Year 2020
    Version: R25.21

    And another comment to add ... The amount off is the exact amount of an entry that occurs on a bi-weekly basis.
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    Which would strongly suggest that such recurring entry either had an instance deleted or duplicated.
    Look back to the previous printed statement and see if that matches the appropriate amount and date and your register.  If that doesn't match, keep pulling older and older paper statements until you find a match.
    Then re-reconcile everything after that point to locate the error.  Once the error is corrected, the remaining re-reconciles should be very quick.

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  • eshoaff
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    My problem is similar and is happening frequently. Nothing like this has happened to me in 15 years of using QuickBooks and Quicken. I was entering transactions in register of a bank account and I noticed that my balance wasn't matching up with the transactions on the bank statement. I knew right away that I must have entered a deposit as a charge or vice versa. I kept going back and back, month after month of my bank statements and couldn't find a deleted transaction or anything wrong. A couple hours later and back into 2011, I see that the beginning balance is gone. I opened up the day before's backup and entered it into the beginning balance field of my current file and everything was fixed except my ego, I should have figured it out faster than I did.

    This has now reoccurred 3 times with different account registers and I think I have prevented it from happening a couple of more times. It happens when I scroll with the mouse wheel to the beginning of the register from searching a transaction somewhere else in the register. I am getting a message that I didn't save changes to my last transaction, I kept believing the message and clicking yes that I wanted to save my last transaction. Although I am scrolling to my newest transactions (todays date) somehow quicken is doing something at the other end of the register and letting me inadvertently delete a 9 year old reconciled transaction.

    Maybe this is what is happening to The Sampler. I no longer click "yes I want to save my last transaction", I would rather input it again than go through all that opening and restoring of old backups. I have done this enough times that my data file has a half dozen dates attached to it. Can I rename it and delete all those dates? They are confusing me. I don't know if I am opening my current file anymore.

    I'm using quicken subscription on windows 10, it installs updates every few days so I know I have the latest updates.

    Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.
  • TheSampler
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    Very interesting observation eshoaff. I indeed had been doing a lot of scrolling in this particular account. I also did a lot of sorting by payee or other columns as well. I found a few instances of reconciled transactions where I had typoed the payee name and I changed the name so they would all be the same. Wonder if during sorting and scrolling somehow or anther Quicken loses a pointer in memory and thus poof there went your balanced account. The other thing that I think would be totally not related but mentioning just to be transparent was that I closed some really old accounts that were not really active and hid some accounts that were closed. But again those actions were against other accounts - not the one that had balanced the previous month.

    To resolve I did restore a backup from late February and re-enter and balance all of my accounts back... .That was a lot of work. Still need now to close out those old accounts and clean them up. Probably need to go back and find those payees that are typoed.
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