Can't get credit card transfers to show in the Spending TAB, not reports

Using new Quicken 2020.

After searching fruitlessly through FAQs on the community, I decided to just ask a new question.

I like the Spending TAB. I'm not talking about a report, but the tab on the main window. It is the easiest way for me to see my spending over a time period. However, it doesn't show my credit card payments. I have a credit card account and checking account. Transactions are recorded as transfers from checking and transfers into the credit card account.

I understand that it is really the same net worth and all of that, but I want to see on the Spending TAB that for a certain time period, the money I "spent" on credit card payments. Otherwise, I can't use it to judge how much money is going out and what I'm spending it on.

I'd rather not have to generate a report each time to see this. I know you can adjust advanced settings in the reports to show what you spent paying off credit cards. I also know that you can configure the Planning>Budget tab to change a credit card to and "expense".

Well, the more I write, the more I think I'm going to find out you can't do what I'd like to do!

Do you think Quicken could give you the same option for the Spending tab as the Planning/Budgets tab?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @usr_reh,

    I know that this will likely be a futile attempt, but....  here goes.

    You may not know this (or maybe more accurately may not agree) but the Spending Tab does show you exactly what you are spending over a time period.  It is just showing you what you spent - on a category by category basis.  All of your spending - including spending by cash, by check, by credit card or by whatever other method you might be using to make payments (assuming that you enter the things you pay for with cash) - is shown on that report. 

    It is a very important report because it shows you how you are using your money/resources.  Fact is - most folks believe it is more relevant to know what things they spend money on, rather than knowing "how" they paid for those things.  Credit card transactions are one way to "pay for things" just as cash is a way to "pay for things" and writing checks is a way to "pay for things" but the way you pay for things is not all that important, unless you are abusing your credit and therefore are spending beyond your means and are incurring a lot of debt.  But you don't need a report to tell you that, you just need to look at your credit card bills and the interest that is being charged to know that.

    You say "I want to see on the Spending TAB that for a certain time period, the money I "spent" on credit card payments. Otherwise, I can't use it to judge how much money is going out and what I'm spending it on."  Actually, the report shows what you "spent", via any method (including credit card) during the period. If you've also been paying off old credit card debt, that is NOT current spending. It is payment of a debt which you incurred by using a credit card and not paying it off by the credit card due date (i.e. a loan).

    I really hope that this helps you to understand the report a little better.  If I can answer any follow-up questions,or if you just want to tell me I am completely wrong, please don't hesitate.  Just tell me why.

    Take care & stay safe.


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  • Sherlock
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    I don't think Quicken should provide the functionality you're asking for.  When we buy anything with a credit card, we are spending money.  When we pay the principal on a debt we have accumulated on a credit card, we should not consider that to be spending because we would be double counting the amount being spent.

    If you really want to have the payment to the principal on a debt appear as an expense, I suggest you use an expense category for the payment instead of a transfer transaction and a corresponding income category to deposit the payment in the credit card account register.
  • user_reh
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    Yep, I understand exactly what you guys are saying and why it is the way it is. I'll use one of the methods you suggest. Thanks for the input!
  • user_reh
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    great suggestion
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