How do I run both Home and Business and Premier?

I've retired and no longer need Home & Business but want to be able to access the files for another 5 years. I want to switch to Premier but other posts say I will lose the business info on import. So the solution would be to keep both applications, which apparently is not recommended. How can I do this? Or is there another solution?


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    You won't lose your data.  Just some of the business reports and functions.  
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    If you downgrade from H&B to Premier, you lose access to various business related reports (Tax Sched C and P&L, for example).  But the underlying data remains available to you in "regular" accounts rather than in 'business' accounts.  Usually other reports with proper customization can mimic business reports.  For example, an Income/Expense report can mimic a P&L report. 

    Short of two computers or a 'virtual' machine running on your one computer, you should not try to operate two versions of the program on one operating system.   
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    Hi @Nunya ,

    See / read this FAQ:

    Do you still have access to either Quicken 2016 or Quicken 2017 Home, Business & Rental Property Version Installers?

    Do you have more than one computer or Dual-Boot your computer?

    If no, is your Hard Drive large enough to partition?
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