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I have setup Paycheck wizard from my checking account. Every paycheck, I contribute to my Fidelity HSA. My Fidelity transactions are downloaded as an investment account in Quicken.

In my paycheck wizard, I assign my HSA category as "Fidelity HSA" account. I am trying to match or merge the transaction. In my checking account, I have been able to match duplicate transactions which has been easy. In my HSA, it does not provide me to option to match the transaction. One caveat is my paycheck is deposited on Fridays, but my actual HSA deposit does not show in the Fidelity account until Wednesday. For Example, I was paid 5/1, but the deposit into the Fidelity HSA did not appear until 5/6.

Any guidance on matching the transactions so I can show a correct balance in my Quicken HSA account?


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    Thank you for your support, these both seem like good suggestions.
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