How to remove the OLD Quicken Bill Pay (as a financial institution) from Quicken

I've migrated to the subscription Quicken version, and along with that changed to the new version of Quicken Bill Pay that will now be available for another several months.

First, Thank you to Eric Dunn and Quicken for making what I suspect was a difficult and costly decision to continue working with Metevante a bit longer. The good news is that the old QBP works, and now there will be more time to hammer out the details of the new check pay system, and to create the mechanism for scheduled future payments which has apparently been widely requested.

Now, I have two Quicken Bill Pay accounts embedded in Quicken. The old, now deactivated account, and the new replacement account which goes along with the subscription Quicken version.

Quicken Bill Pay doesn't operate in the same manner as any other financial institution. It's not connected to an "account" per se, that connects and downloads data. It is hidden somewhere deeper within Quicken.

How do I find and fully remove the OLD Quicken Bill Pay connection information. I now have two sets of Quicken Bill Pay connections and they get confused.


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    It sounds like you are planning to continue using "Quicken Billpay - New" while it is available. The above steps will likely deactivate that service. If so, you will have to set-up the service again to use it. For me, Quicken Billpay - Old went away (or maybe just became inactive) on it's own.

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