Match One Register Entry to Multiple Downloaded Transactions

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I have a checking account and a line of credit at my bank and they are setup in Quicken. When I pay my monthly payment for the line of credit, its one total payment. It's recorded in Quicken as a deduction from the checking account and a payment towards the line of credit account. When the transactions are downloaded for the line of credit from my bank, the payment is split into multiple transactions showing the amount applied to principal, the amount applied to interest, etc. Is there any way to match the multiple transactions downloaded from the bank for the line of credit account to the one payment I recorded to the account from my checking account? Thanks.


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    No.  It is possible to match multiple manually entered transactions to a single downloaded transaction combining them all into a split, but that is the opposite of what you described.
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    I am having this same issue. I pay a set amount of $300 from my checking to my credit line every month. Its one transaction Loan Payment in the checking account, but its 2 transaction in the credit line (18.12 interest and 282.88 payment). The transactions download ok but throw the balances off if I try and match them.
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    @brdunn1957 Try splitting that payment in your checking account register  with only  the Prin  part as a transfer to the loan account and the Interest to a expense category that you create.
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    I don't think you'll be able to successfully match 1 checking account transaction to 2 transactions in the LOC account.
    Here's how I'd work around this issue, to avoid showing income or expense amounts that shouldn't exist and/or mess up your budget:
    In checking, categorize the payment as transfer to [Checking], the name of your checking account in [brackets]. If you get prompted for "transfer to same account" ... that's OK.
    In LOC, categorize the principal amount as transfer to [LOC], the name of your LOC account in [brackets]. Categorize the interest transaction to some Interest expense category.
    Give that a try and see if it works for you.
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