Missing a range of transactions in multiple accounts

I've jumped back into quicken for 2020 and im finding the the transactions for Dec 26 to Feb 2 2020 or missing in almost every account. (ALL the accounts that are connected online.) I have used quicken for many years and this data file specifically starts 1/1/2017. In addition, every account is off balance (prior to the missing date range.) It looks like some accounts have transfers categorized incorrectly or missing other small ranges of transactions in addition. If feels like an accounting nightmare. I wondering if I should just create a new data file and start over clean or if there is a better way to handle this situation? Thanks!

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Some financial institutions might support downloading a QFX file with the transactions in that range, that you can import.  Of course that is so long ago they might not either.
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