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Transfers no longer showing in both accounts

Since the recent update:
A transaction will be downloaded into a bank account, and I'll update the entry to show it is a transfer to a loan payment or an investment account - but when I check the receiving account, the transaction isn't showing up.
Not only did it used to show up automatically, but now I can't seem to record the transfer at all.
If I input it into the receiving account, it shows up as a duplicate transaction in the main checking account.
Help, please!


  • J2D2PDXJ2D2PDX Member
    I should note, the transfers seem to work between bank and credit card accounts, but not investments or loan accounts.
  • KleegKleeg Member
    I am having this problem with payment transfers between my checking and credit card. However, ALL the transfers are now gone, going back to when I first started, in August 2004. Every single one is gone. The running balance is incorrect, but the balance at the top and in the account listing is correct. This has happened a few times since I upgraded to Quicken for Mac 2020, but closing the program and restarting fixed it. Nothing I do now is fixing it.
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