How to update Industry designation for a Security

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Some of my securities don't reflect their commonly known Industry in the Security details (eg, BP Oil). How do I update that field, if Quicken doesn't provide it or has it wrong?


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    I see that the Industry/Category is missing for BP, but it is present for most other stocks and mutual funds. This data is downloaded with the quotes and unfortunately there is no way for a user to edit or update it.

    I think your only option to get this fixed would be to contact Quicken Support.

    Problems like this have persisted for a long time in the past, but it's worth a try.
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  • scarraway
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    Many of my stocks show Industry as Unknown. Quicken never updates them to show industry.
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    [Removed - Speculation/Innaccurate]
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    Why was my post edited "Removed - Speculation/Innaccurate"[sp]?

    I merely and succinctly stated that I too have issues with the industry designation in Quicken Portfolio View.

    What is quicken doing about it?
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    We users do not know what Quicken is doing to resolve this issue. 

    To help register the problem you can go to Help > Report a problem in Quicken.

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    I too have this issue. Major companies are not catergorized or incorrectly categorized including APPL, NVDA, DIS, BRKB, etc. We need a way to assign an industry when the downloaded data is missing or inaccurate

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