I just use BillPay to pay bills. That should have continued to work until August

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    I understand what everyone is saying about upgrading and plan to do so. However, Quicken said that BillPay which was set to die the end of May would be extended until the end of August. I don't do any data downloading. I just use BillPay to pay bills. That should have continued to work until August. Quicken never said that it wouldn't work for some versions and not others.
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    @vdeal Is this on Quicken Mac 2007?

    If so the reason is because "all online services" are now cut off.  There is no way to provide Quicken Bill Pay without the basic online services connection.
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    @vdeal  Building on what Chris said above, and responding to your complaint about lack of notice, I think Quicken actually did make reasonable attempts to warn people still using Quicken 2007 that they were on borrowed time several years ago.

    Starting in spring 2016, Quicken published a notice and emailed registered users that it would be terminating support for Quicken 2007 that fall. "You may continue to use Quicken for Mac 2007 for as long as you like and for as long as it continues to run…" was the message then. In July of last year, Quicken updated their support page regarding Quicken 2007 to note that it would be impossible to run on the new macOS, Catalina, which would be coming out in the fall, because of Apple's changes to the macOS.

    That July 2019 announcement also contained this notice: "
    Due to an upcoming security and reliability update from the service provider, the ability to download transactions will no longer work in Quicken 2007, regardless of your macOS version." (Quicken could have used better terminology to explain "download transactions" really means all online services, not just banking transactions.)

    And in October 2019, they updated the policy page to affirm that Catalina had been released, triggering the discontinuation of online services. Those services were powered by servers from Intuit, and we were led to believe that they were shut down then, but it's apparent from the recent posts here that some services continued to work for some reason until Intuit apparently pulled the plug in May 2020.

    So this all should have stopped working last fall; Quicken 2007 users who were still able to use online services got an extra 5 month reprieve.
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