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How can I distinguish Payees on new Bill Manager drop down when several have same name?

On the selection list drop down, the new Bill Manager does not have enough room to distinguish which payee you want when multiple have the same name. The old one had a spot for an identifier and also showed the account number. In my case I have 5 or 6 payees all "State Farm Insurance Companies" but then further identified by policy number and billing address. I only see "State Farm Insurance Companies" for all of them. I would rather not jumble up the company name to identify which one I want. Please at least show the account/ policy number.

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  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello  Dennis6, 
    Thank you for posting about your concern.
    I built a quick test of Bill Reminders to see if I could replicate your exact situation. As I have it, the Biller column is dynamic (the column width expands to fit the name of the Biller as I've entered it - see screenshot below). Is your system not behaving in the same manner?

    Could you not edit the name of the Biller to more useful details for your situation? (On the Bills & Income tab, on the row for the Biller in question > in the Actions column > on the right-hand side, click the little down caret symbol > then Edit > in the pop up box, you can change the name of the Biller to include useful details)

    Or, do you have SFIC set up as an Online Biller? (In the Bills & Income tab, Online Bilers > Action column > down caret > Enter - in the pop up box, you can adjust the name of the Biller to include more details)

    On my system, I tested both scenarios outlined above. From what you have written thus far, I am not 100% certain that I've replicated your exact circumstance. Does this work for you, or do you have a different setup? 

    Also, what edition/year/version/build of Quicken are you using? (Help > About Quicken) With some more details, we should be better able to help you with your exact situation. Or you are always welcome to contact support directly if need be. 

  • Dennis6@
    Dennis6@ Member ✭✭✭
    Hugh -
    Thank you for responding. Let me clarify my issue: It is with the new Bill Manager. I have converted from Quicken Bill Pay. Reminders are not part of my current issue. In the new Bill Manager you set up payees and they can either be Quick Pay or Check Pay. When it is time to pay you go to the bottom line in the check register and click the Check # down arrow and you get a drop down menu with various choices. If you then click (Quick Pay/ Check Pay) you get a pop-up menu with all the payees (both Quick Pay and Check Pay). That is where the problem is. The field for Payee name is fixed length and longer names are truncated. As stated in my original note, you can alter the name to differentiate between different accounts with the same payee name but I was hoping to leave the name as the payee wanted it on their payment. My hope was to have Quicken see my note and add account/ policy number to the pop-up selection list Bill Manager gives you when you click on (Quick Pay/ Check Pay). My issue is specifically with Check Pay because with Quick Pay they recognize same payee situations and add the last 4 digits of the account number automatically (I noticed this after my initial question). I would just like them to do something similar for Check Pay. In the meantime, for Check Pay, I have shortened my payee names to add the last 4 digits of the account but, again, I would rather the payee name be exactly what the payee wants on payments and for Quicken to add the account/ policy number. Note: I am a subscription user for Windows and stay current. Now on 2020 "Home and Business" version 26.23.
    Thanks again. - Dennis
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