Can Quicken Tags be used for reporting?

I have been using Tags to further classify Quicken transactions, thinking that I could report on them, e.g., a vacation’s meals, lodging, transportation; money given to each of our children for medical, utility, mortgage, or other expenses. I am unable to get any reports having a breakdown or accounting of the income and expenses by Tags.


  • Dan Glynhampton
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    It certainly should be possible to use tags in your reports.  When you customise a report you should see a tab to select which tags you want to include in the report:

    Or if you are using a report type that allows subtotaling, then tags should be an option in the subtotal drop down list:

    Do you see those options? 
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken Starter Edition does not support tags in reports.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    The Starter edition seems to be pretty inconsistent on the use of tags.
    You can use them in the register, and there are a couple reports "by tags" that will show them, but in the customization of other reports where in the higher editions you can select them, you can't in the Starter edition.
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