Unrealized gains on closed investment account

I have an investment account that has been closed (all securities gone and nil cash balance). Net worth reports continue to show a small balance, and spending/investment reports include unrealized gains when that option is selected. The accounts have been super validated and investment lots rebuilt.

Ninety minutes with support got me "Okay, I’m still checking and to be honest with you, I’m not getting where the inconvenience is... does that change the info or ruin the balance or something?"

Any similar experiences, or perhaps a fix?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Well if you have checked the holdings and all the securities are zero, there is one more thing I can think of to try.  Select the data field in one of your transactions and type Ctrl+z.  It will ask if you want to recalculate the transactions.  You might also try rebuilding the investing lots on the Validate & Repair dialog.
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  • dc600
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    I had already rebuilt the investments. Ctrl + Z was new to me..but not effective
  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried changing the last few SALE transactions from a specific # shares to "Sell All"?
    I suspect that there's a very small fractional share on one or more securities.
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  • dc600
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    i found my error. There were no fractional units.
    Inside of a cash income transaction, involving no securities, was a number of units of a security (somehow) . These securities did not show up in the account, but the value of the number of units in that erroneous transaction made it through to reports. Validation/rebuilding did not catch this error.
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