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I have a paycheck setup in Bills to remind me to enter paycheck data to the register. It is set up with splits etc. to document details such as taxes.

Once I enter a paycheck for a certain date, if i go back to the Bills tab and try to reset the next Bill date the system does not allow me to do so.

Example, entered paycheck for May 29, Bills correctly had the next paycheck showing up for June 12, then I entered the June 12 paycheck after editing the date to May 29 (because there were 2 paychecks on May 29). Now Bills tab is showing next Paycheck as June 26 but I need to edit this to make the next paycheck as June 12. When I try edit this bill and future bills option and change the date to June 12 start date, it doesn't change the date to June 12.

Any help?

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  • User23
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    That is exactly my issue. Didn't have this issue with Quicken 2017 (even though I was using Quicken 2017 Premier and now using Quicken Deluxe Subscription). I am trying to use a workaround of changing the frequency of the bill from once in 2 weeks to once a week but even that is not going to work correctly for me. What a pain!
  • Boatnmaniac
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    @User23 - I was able to replicate this issue with a Paycheck Reminder.  Until Quicken fixes this issue with Reminders something you might want to consider instead of the workaround you mention: Manually enter your 6/12 paycheck with the split categories but do not attempt to match the 6/29 reminder to it.  When on 6/29 you attempt to enter that reminder you will likely get asked if it is for the 6/12 manually entered paycheck.  Decline that match and your 6/29 reminder should then be entered for 6/29.  After that your future reminders should be aligned properly, again.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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