Printed check numbers no longer increment to the next check number (Q Mac)



  • kbajura
    kbajura Member ✭✭
    Same problem with me as well.
  • jmquickener
    jmquickener Member
    Same problem. Subscription-QMac will maintain the correct sequence after you manually change the number in the print dialog. For example while using QMac it will sequence additional check.

    But... after quitting QMac the next check reverts to an older check number.
  • helshaw55
    helshaw55 Member ✭✭
    ...Also waiting for an update for the same problem.
  • Same problem. Reverts to same check number from 30 checks ago.
  • Chris
    Chris Member ✭✭
    Yep, happening to me too. I update the number in the check number field, and check prints correctly, but next time I fire up the program, it reverts back to the old number.
  • Mike A
    Mike A Member ✭✭
    Just to let everyone know that the check number not incrementing problem is still occurring with QMac version 5.17.6.
  • mrj9659
    mrj9659 Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issue as other commenters. Whenever I go to print a check, an old check number appears and I have to manually enter the check number I want to print. Then when I go back to print another check, the old erroneous check number is still there. I am updated my Quicken with the new version. I was hoping that would fix the issue. It didn't.
  • StefanK
    StefanK Member ✭✭
    > @"Steve Schifrin" said:
    > Hi, Richard. My problem printing pre-numbered voucher checks has returned, and the "next check" number is stuck on the same number as before. So, I go to print checks, correct the incorrect "next check" number, and load up the printer (making sure to resort the blanks, since the program has no facility for reverse-order printing, as it used to). If I write and print more checks in the same session, without quitting QMac, the "next check" number is correct. If I quit the program and restart it to write more checks, that number reverts back to its old stuck position. Now it's obvious that the numbers are incrementing correctly until the program quits, but that particular piece of information is not being updated when the program quits. Definitely a software bug, or a conflict with some other running software. -SS-

    I've had exactly the same problem since May. I correct the check number in the Print window, subscription Quicken Mac updates the numbers correctly when it prints my renumbered checks. However, when I quit and restart Quicken, it reverts to the number from May. I spent 2 fruitless hours on the phone with the "helpless" help folks. Not only were they clueless and tried all sorts of things I had already tried, they finally dropped me & did not have the courtesy to call me back. Based on the many Mac problems I seen over the last 35 years, I would say this acts like a curated pref file--but where or where are these files stored? Pretty sad. Stefan Kirchanski
  • Echoing that I have the same problem which started on June 11, 2020. The last check number saved was printed on June 5, 2020.
    - Quicken version: Mac starter 2020 Version 5.17.3 (Build 517.34913.100)
    - Using pre printed checks

    Thanks in advanced
  • Perry Gershon
    Perry Gershon Member ✭✭
    Same issue here. Check number increment fine until you quit and restart the app. Then it resets back to the initial check number. So if you open app, it thinks the first check is 1075. If I print a check, I can manually say it is check number 1079. If I print a second check, it will default to 1080. But if I do not print it, quit the app and reopen, quicken wants to print 1075 again. Obviously a bug. Not sure when it started - about 2-3 months ago I believe.
  • StefanK
    StefanK Member ✭✭
    :# To reiterate, I've had exactly the same problem since 26 May 2020. An update at that time seems to have hosed storage of the check number. Esch successive update has exactly the same bug. I find it very hard to believe the "developers" are actually looking at this. Unless your internal documentation is all screwed up, this should be an easy fix. I see that Quicken has a sale going on for preprinted checks. Why should I purchase something that doesn't work properly with the software. Very sad!
  • Steve Schifrin
    Steve Schifrin Member ✭✭
    This issue appears to be fixed in the latest update to QMac!! Thank you all very much for your ideas and your support.
  • cdbath1354
    cdbath1354 Member
    I am also experiencing the same problem. The upgrades for the past year or so would loose the last check number but once you put it in it would save it . Now it no longer saves the last check number or the number of checks on the sheet you are using. I am also experiencing another problem that started with upgrades. For the last couple of years, when I did an upgrade and then synced with my bank, it would download a few checks that had already been downloaded and duplicate them in the register. This was a minor problem because it only did this after and software upgrade. For the last year or so, this problem started occurring randomly instead of just after an upgrade. It doesn't happen every time I sync with the bank but it does happen every couple of syncs. I have to check the balance on the screen before I sync to see if changes after the sync. If it does, I have to go search for the duplicates and manually delete them.
  • Tim
    Tim Mac Beta Beta
    Steve Schifrin reports that the latest update fixes this bug (August 18). That's not the case here! Check numbers are still not incrementing.
  • Steve Schifrin
    Steve Schifrin Member ✭✭
    Tim, the latest version release notes (attached) call out the fix, and I've now been through 3 or 4 Print/Quit/Open/Print routines, and the next-check number is tracking properly again.
  • slewis@
    slewis@ Member ✭✭
    > @"Steve Schifrin" said:
    > Tim, the latest version release notes (attached) call out the fix, and I've now been through 3 or 4 Print/Quit/Open/Print routines, and the next-check number is tracking properly again.

    Mine is also working properly now.
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