Why is Quicken not updating my investment accounts?

Quicken (Deluxe, Canada 2020 5.16.1) is not updating my investments properly, and not even close. My six Canadian TD brokerage accounts each contain US and Canadian funds. The TD website shows the price of each fund in US or Canadian funds, and then converts the US to Canadian to work out Market Value of the holding. The downloaded Qfx file doesn’t do the conversion, so the US market values are wrong, as it the value of the account. This affects all my accounts. Furthermore, at least one of the holdings, XDIV on TSE, is valued using XDIV on NYSE, a completely different holding of very different price. So the whole thing is nonsense. I have not had satisfaction with chat, and have reported this in detail to Quicken engineers. Is this a Quicken error? How is a Qfx file written and read?

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    Well, for starters, you can't hold CAD and USD in the same account in Q.  Likewise, you can't hold CAD securities and USD securities in the same account in Q.
    SO, try separating them  and see if that helps.

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