Manually match a transaction in Q2020 for Windows

Using Quicken 2020 for Windows (R26.23)

I am using the default mode where downloaded transactions are automatically added to the register (thus, no download tab below the register). Sometimes I already have a transaction entered that may be off by a bit and so the new download does not get matched and thus is now a duplicate.
I found an article on here (Handling Downloaded Transactions) (tagged for Q2017) that says to use the Edit button and then 'Match Manually'..... 1) for me, there is no Edit *button*. All I can find is a right click followed by 'Edit Transaction'... 2) This brings up the Find window and no option to change the Match.

So... how do I manually match a transaction when the "Automatically add to banking register" setting is enabled?

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  • Chris_QPW
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    I would also like to clarify that for the manual match when using automatic transactions entry mode has to have the exact amount.

    So the process would be to first correct the amount in the transaction in the register, and then do as @Sherlock stated to match/merge that transaction with the downloaded one.
    This is my website:
  • Thanks @Sherlock . I was going at it backwards -- trying to match the downloaded item to an existing one... Instead, I must match a pre-existing to the downloaded item :-D
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