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The top gantt line on the Planning tab includes 3 numbers: Spending, Budget, and "Left". These last two I am completely unable to correlate to reality. Spending appears right (my actual spending, including reminders of spend not yet executed. But the values BUDGET and LEFT are, apparently, meaningless. I cannot mathematically reconcile to them.

If I run a Current Budget report (the standard canned report), and set date range to yearly, i can see my budget (and actual) spend for each month. But the monthly budget amount, for the month of June (at this point) does not add up to the BUDGET amount on the Planning tab, nor can I figure out the gap. Budget amount on the Planning tab is ALWAYS far higher than my actual spending/budget for a give month. ALways.

Further, what is the "LEFT" value. This one makes no sense. I thought at first it was residual of monies not spent, but I cannot reconcile this, either.

Finally, if I am in the Planning tab, and set the filter to "Yearly", the Budget value on the top of this page (as well as the Allocated Budget, which matches it on the right-most column) is completely unrelated to the sum of all monthly budgets, as noted on the current budget report (in my case, Allocated Budget is over 10K more than what is on the Current Budget report, for the total 2020 Budget.

This is crazy and I like to be a big more meticulous then guessing "which budget number is reflecting my reality. Ideas?


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  • pklocke
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    I need to clarify: The Spending number on the Planning tab ALSO does not match my planned budget, as noted in the Current Budget report. Where is this number coming from, as well?
  • Sherlock
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    At the top of the Budget view, Budget should be the total allocated budget and Left should be the difference between Budget and Spending.

    A report may differ from a view for many reasons.  For example, the reports do not include reminders.
  • pklocke
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    Hmmm...not at my computer at moment but will check this out when home. Thanks for responding. It would be REALLY great if I could turn off having the reminders included...that is not useful (for me, anyway) and just makes reconciling the numbers that much different. the Number "Left" however, for me, is not the difference between Budget and Spending. At least not the Budget and Spending numbers I see. I will make up numbers, but for example, my Budget is 5000, my Spending is 4300, and my LEFT is 9300. To me, it would be GREAT (helpful) if Left was the difference. But I fear rollovers (past money unspent, where I was underbudget) are getting piled in there.
  • Chris_QPW
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    The Budget and Left numbers only includes expenses.
    If you add up all your expenses budget numbers you should get the Budget number.
    If you add up all your expenses over and left numbers you should get the Left number.

    The SAVINGS number is just you budgeted income - budget expenses.  If it goes negative they just report $0 savings.
    This is my website:
  • pklocke
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    Thank you Chris! I did find a similar reminders savings and was able to turn off reminders. Also appreciate the help with the explanations of the spending, budget, and "left" fields! Thx much! :)
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