Can one go from a download version to CD version (same year version 2020)

I obtained a download of Quicken 2020 Home and Business in Jan. 2020. It is expiring end of June 2020. (don't ask, it's a long story)
Could I buy a CD version of 2020 Home and Business and install that and transfer my previous version data?

Next, when installing new version, will previous version data transfer automatically? Or does one need to do that somehow?

Thanks so much!

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  • Chris_QPW
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    @massachusetts234 Quicken is now on subscription (since 2018), and what that means is as long as the subscription is valid you are getting the latest updates to the program.  So in fact you don't even need to install anything new, all you need is to extend the subscription.

    That can be done by either purchasing from or from a retailer like Amazon or CostCo, ... , which tend to have better prices than at (and note the 40% discount at is for new users only)

    The rule is that if you are within 6 months of the expiring of your subscription, your subscription will be extended by the period of the subscription purchased.

    When you buy directly from they apply it immediately (be sure to buy with the same Quicken account so that it is connected properly).

    When you buy from a retailer you are given an activation code either in an email (for the download version) or in the CD case.  You apply that by selecting Help -> Enter Activation Code...
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
  • massachusetts234
    massachusetts234 Member ✭✭
    Chris, Thank you for your quick reply. Great.
    My 2020 download subscription was actually for 6 months because of how I received it. (it ends June 30)
    So, are you saying I can get a CD version after having the download version?
    (I did see the reduced cost at Amazon and would love to get that, but it's CD.)

    And do you know if the new installation will take the transfer of previous version's data automatically? I'm hoping the two versions (download and CD) will connect that way.
    Or someone else can answer this question.

    Thank you!
  • massachusetts234
    massachusetts234 Member ✭✭
    Sherlock, Thank you.
    Chris, Wow that is a wonderful thorough explanation that answered any of my concerns.
    Download is new to me after all the years of using CD versions. I appreciate you taking time to explain this well. Thank you!
    Best to all,
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