bank buy out: Rabobank / Mechanics Bank

My bank Rabobank was bought by Mechanics bank; how do I change the bank but not the account? It's the same bank account. :)

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  • thanks! I couldn't find where to do that...?
  • Frankx
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    Okay - do this:

    1) Open the bank account in Quicken;
    2) Click on the little "Gear Icon" in the upper right of the screen;
    3) Select "Edit account details" from the drop down menu;
    4) Click in the "Account Name" filed and change the name to "Mechanics Bank"
    5) Click "OK"

    That's it!


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  • Hi again,

    There is a new user name and password to get into the Mechanics Bank account, and Quicken is not recognizing them; I called Mechanics Bank and they said that there's no reason on their end. I have been able to log in on another computer using the new UN and PW...?

  • NotACPA
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    It sounds like you need to deactivate the account, in Q, from downloading, delete the old bank name, exit & restart Q, and re-activate the account(s) for download.
    When re-activating, be SURE to select LINK (to connect the bank to your Q accounts) rather than ADD.

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