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I am often requested to login to my Intuit account when attempting to login to to Quicken (Windows subscription) or Turbotax. There is no support for Intuit you must get support from a product so here I am.

It rejects my password each and every time. I am required to do 2FA, I chnage the password and am allowed in. The very next time I login same thing. The last time just for fun I didn't even change the password. After entering the 2FA code I entered the same password and it let me in.

It almost seems like a mandatory 2FA with in-correct error messages. Anybody experience this? Is there a fix?


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  • NotACPA
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    What Q product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    And Intuit hasn't owned Quicken for 4+ years ... so why are you logging into an Intuit site?

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  • shipdriver
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    You are correct my Quicken issue is a completely different issue. I didn't think it through when I posted. With Quicken whenever I try to open my software (installed on hard drive) I'm prompted for my online login. I had a support rep fix that for me except it still pops up asking for my online login info except I can work around it and finally get to my software. I just was forced to upgrade to the subscription service (So I could download from financial institutions.)

    Turbo tax is the one that refuses to recognize my password, makes me do 2FA, change my password before using TT. This happened when I was using web based and still happens now that I switched to PC software version.

    Support has no clue how to fix the issue. It just let me change my password to the same password so now I don't have to keep updating my vault and list of passwords.
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