Watch list of unpurchased stocks shows up in total investment amount

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I am trying to set up a watch list that will show the investment performance from the day I start following it. I set up an investment account and populated it with a few stocks I am interested in.

 However, the value of that watch list shows up in the total investment number on the left hand column labeled accounts.

 Is there some way to keep the watch list account from being included in the total? Also, every time I add a stock to the watch list, Quicken debits cash because it thinks I have purchased that stock. I just want to track its performance.

 Am I missing something here? Than you very much for any info or tips. I am using Quicken subscription, which shows up as 2020 R26.23.


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    To exclude an account, open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select Display Options, check Keep this account separate - account will be excluded from Quicken reports and features, and select OK.

    To track the price of a security, you may want to consider using the Watch List:  press F1

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    Thank you for your quick response. I'll try these today.
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    If you want to track the performance including distributions, i.e. the total return, of securities you do not own I suggest you set up a watch list portfolio on the Morningstar website. 

    I think watch list portfolios are free at M*.

    Unless you set up a fake account in Quicken and track the dividends manually, Quicken's Watch List will only be tracking the share prices.

    The Return (%) columns in Quicken's Portfolio Manager use data from Quicken's quote provider and supposedly show the total returns as of today for various time periods, but this data is not provided for all securities and is often out of date. It would certainly be nice if they made this data more reliable.
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