need more detailed info/tutorials/reading than quicken provides

I am returning to Quicken after some years away, but previously used only for tracking investments and now using for that as well as tracking transactions in my (multiple) checking accounts. I certainly expect a bit of a learning curve at the outset. My problem is that the videos provided by Quicken are too rudimentary/basic/brief. I know that you all are a resource but I would rather understand be able to learn in a more "comprehensive overview and then dig in to the details" sort of way rather than posting here question after question. In other words, I am looking for a way to understand the nuances and possibilities and options in a more complete and thorough and deep way rather than a 3-5 minute youtube video. Where can I get that knowledge? I did just order the Complete Guide to Getting Started with Quicken 2018, though wish it were current. Will that work for me? Any other suggestions? .

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    F1 (Help -> Quicken Help)
    This is my website:
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    I have no idea how good or otherwise this

    Quicken for Windows: The Official Guide, Eighth Edition (Quicken Guide) 8th Edition

    is, but I still generally find having a book "in hand" is a better way of trying to learn something new as opposed to reading information off the computer screen.  I'm sure the program has changed a bit since the books publication but the essential "nuts and bolts" of using Quicken to do your accounting has changed much for a long time.

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