Is the QDF file the same across different versions or Quicken or not?

Probably a dumb question but I need to ask it anyway.

Are the QDF files the same on Quicken Premier and Quicken Deluxe for Windows?

I use Quicken Premier but I'm been asked to take over the treasurer's position at the church I attend and they want to use a software package to manage their checking and savings accounts. I created a test QDF file that sets savings (planning) goals for funds in the savings account and does budgeting for the checking account but beyond that they don't need much more that what's probably available in Quicken Deluxe as opposed to the Premier version. What I want to do is have the church purchase a Quicken Deluxe license for their PC and then I will copy the QDF file to a thumb drive so I can do most of the banking on the Premier version on my PC. If the QDF file is the same between the two versions that will save the church money.

So are the QDF files the same between the two versions?

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    The Windows QDF files have long been compatible across the editions and compatibility has been maintained since Quicken 2016.
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