Quicken lost three of my five passwords and now will not accept them.

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Hi all,
I've been using every version of Quicken continuously since Quicken for DOS.
I am now running 2020 R27.24, build Premier subscription. Upon changing to Subscription in March I've had a few hiccups but nothing major till now.

Since the change to the Subscription format, Quicken has used the passwords that were already in the Vault for the 5 accounts I update online just fine until yesterday.
Yesterday my normal One Step Update showed only TWO accounts being updated instead fo my usual five. It did download the transactions for those two accounts just fine.

When I tried to manually update the other three accounts I was shown the One Step Update Settings box where I put in the same password that was in the vault previously and checked the SAVE box. But when I clicked the Update Now button a Please Enter Your Passwords box popped up. It states: "To Continue, enter the password for the following institutions"...
Behind this popup, you can see that I DID enter the password. Clicking OK does nothing but take me back to the Update Settings box where I can re-enter the password a hundred times wit the same error loop.
I can do this for one account or all three (as in the Screenshot) and the results are the same for all the accounts Quicken "forgot" the passwords for.

NOTHING I do will allow me to save the exact same passwords that worked five days ago.
When I open my Vault I see only the two accounts with their respective passwords that Update just fine but nothing I do can make Quicken remember the passwords in the three account the Program "lost" the passwords for.
I'm stuck...
Thanks for any help you can offer...


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    Hi, @Douglas .  I've not experienced nor heard of the issue you describe.  My first thought is that something about your PW Vault might be corrupted.  Have you tried to Reset it (Tools > Password Vault > Reset Vault)?  This will delete your PW Vault and all the PWs saved in it and then create a new one.  It doesn't affect your account connections.
    If you do this, I suggest you first backup your data file so if something goes wrong you can quickly retrieve it.
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    Simple recovery. Restore your last Manual Backup. Easy. If you don't do Manual Backups, Restore an Automatic Backup.

    Customer Service Links enclosed.
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                      also  Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 19045.2526 .
    View: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7859218/work-with-copies-of-your-actual-quicken-data-files/p1?new=1

  • Douglas
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    Thanks guys,
    Q for thecreator:
    I'll certainly give that a shot but If I do a restore from a backup, what happens regarding the transactions I have already downloaded and accepted in the two accounts that I have managed to do the updates for?
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    @Douglas - If you restore a backup file from before you updated to Subscription (i.e., from before you started seeing this PW issue), you will not have the newly downloaded (and any manually entered) transactions in the two account registers.  But if it fixes your issue those transactions should be downloaded again during OSU so nothing will be "lost".  Of course, you will need to enter any manually entered transactions, again.
    If you try the PW Vault Reset the transactions in your current data file, all your previously downloaded and manually entered transactions will not be affected.
    You can do the PW Vault Reset first and if it doesn't fix your problem you can then try restoring your backup file.  Conversely, if you restore your backup file first and if that doesn't fix the issue, then you can try to PW Vault Reset afterward.  I think it's just a matter of personal preference as to which you try first.  Neither of these options are difficult to do or very time consuming.
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  • Douglas
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    Hi Guys,
    Just an FYI/Followup.
    First off, I thank you both very much for your suggestions but neither solution worked for me and my situation.
    For future reference, it seems to have had something to do with the account's online activation, as I found out the hard way:
    First I backed up my current QDF file.
    I did a Recovery from three weeks back when I KNOW I was getting Downloads from all the accounts. The recovered file did not have those accounts back into the DL queue and again Q would NOT allow me to add those accounts to the Vault. Arrgghh. So I reloaded the Current file backup so I wouldn't have to re-accept/re-enter any transactions.
    So I then tried the Vault Reset which also would NOT let me add the errant accounts to the Vault. double arrgghhh
    So I then deleted the Vault and I STILL couldn't add those accounts!!!

    So as a last resort, I then Deactivated each of those accounts in the Account Details>Online Services tab , then immediately reactivated them with the Save Password box checked and immediately they were back in the Vault and downloaded perfectly!!!
    Thanks again for your suggestions tho!!!
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    @Douglas - Well, I certainly didn't think of doing that!  I'm glad it worked for you!
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    I am glad you were able to resolve your problem by deactivating the accounts and then reactaviting them. I just wanted to comment for the record that yesterday (7/18/20) my current Quicken managed to loose 5 of about 13 saved passwords from the vault. I tried several fixes but deactivating/reactivating sort of resolved the problem ... I was able to download transactions from 4 of the 5. I am unable to activate the 5th. In addition I ran into another problem related to the newly added facility which askes of a given transaction is a transfer ... this seems to have downloaded hundereds of transactions which were already reconciled but that is a different subject.
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    @Dick Blaine - Glad to hear some progress has been accomplished!
    Regarding the transfer transaction:  You probably have your preferences set for Quicken to detect possible transfers.  If you don't want this to happen you can turn off that preference at Edit > Preferences > Transfer Detection.
    Regarding downloads of duplicate transactions:  This can happen (not always, but not uncommon) when deactivating/reactivating account Online Services. 
    You can do a mass delete of these duplicates in Banking accounts (cash, credit card, checking, savings) by:
    1. Backup your data file in case something goes wrong. 
    2. Make sure all transactions in your register that you want to keep in the register (including the Opening Balance) are marked "R" (reconciled).
    3. Click on the "Clr" column header to filter the transactions order in the register.
    4. Find the first transaction that is not marked "R" and left click on it to highlight it.
    5. Scroll down to the last transaction not marked "R" and while holding down the Shift key left click on it.  Now all your transactions not marked "R" should be highlighted.
    6. Right click anywhere on the highlighted transactions and click on "Delete".
    7. Review the account register to make sure everything looks OK (especially that the account balance is correct).
    8. If you have another account with duplicate transactions, repeat this entire process (including backing up your data file).
    You can also do a mass delete of duplicates in Investment accounts but the process is a little different:
    1. Backup your data file.
    2. Make sure all transactions in the register that you want to keep are marked "R".
    3. Open the Banking Transaction report.
    4. Customize it (Gear icon at the top right of the report) to select Earliest to date, on the Accounts tab click on Clear All and then check name of the Investment account, click Select All on the Categories, Payees, Tags and Securities tabs and on the Advanced tab in the Status box check the Not Cleared and Newly Cleared boxes and uncheck the Reconciled box.  Then click OK.
    5. Verify the report does not show any "R" transactions.  Then left click on the top transaction, scroll down to the bottom transaction and Shift+left click on it to highlight all the transactions.
    6. Right click anywhere on the highlighted transactions and click on Delete.
    Regarding the one account you couldn't reactivate: 
    • Did you get an error message?
    • Have you tried to reactivate on different days?  If not, perhaps you might want to try reactivating the account later this evening and/or tomorrow.  (Weekends are perhaps the worst time to try activating accounts.  This is because FIs are more likely to do system maintenance on weekends than on other days of the week which can result in failure of setting up Online Services.) 
    • What is the name of the FI?
    • Does this FI have special login requirements for Quicken?
    • Does this FI have a Quicken activation process (you should be able to confirm this in your online account)?
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