Does the memo field in bill reminders no longer update?

I recently updated from Quicken 2017. In that version, if I had a memo field set up in a bill reminder (for example, "0520 - 1 of 12"), and I changed the memo when entering the bill from the reminder, for example to "0620 - 2 of 12", then the next time the reminder came up the memo would say "0620 - 2 of 12". In other words, the reminder remembered what I had put in the memo field the last time. This made it easy to update the memo each month. To be clear, I didn't edit the reminder, I just entered it, changing the memo as I did so.

This doesn't seem to work the same since updating. Even though I change the memo to "0620 - 2 of 12" when entering the transaction from the reminder, it still comes up as originally set up, ("0520 - 1 of 12"), the next time the reminder comes up.

Am I correct about this? Did they make a change? Is there a setting that I can change to get it to perform as it used to?


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    just to clarify - what version are you currently using -
    .. Help --> About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Quicken intentionally changed the behavior as a number of users considered the saving of a modified field back to the reminder while entering the transaction to be a bug.  To change the memo in the reminder we now must edit the reminder.
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    @ps56k I'm using version R27.44

    @Sherlock Bummer! It's unfortunate when one man's feature is another man's bug. I sure wish they had kept that feature though, as it was really useful. For what it's worth, I guess I'll have to request they change it back.
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