Automatic Backup, and Scheduled Updates (Transaction Downloads)

Am I missing something (apparently not according to Quicken support, but ....).
1. Automatic backup has the option of backing up after "n" times running Q.
2. I am told that "running Q."means opening, and then closing Q.
3. Scheduled Updates allow me to set auto downloading of my banking and card details, etc, at a nominated time each day (or selection of days)
4. Thus, in order to do this, I need to leave Q. open
5. Leaving Q. open means that my backup is never done, because I have not "run Q.""

If the above is not the case (then apart from Q. support having it wrong), how do I set things to back Q. on a time-series basis ?

All above aside, despite having set Q. to download my transactions at 3am every day, it never days; I need manually to go in and execute the instruction. I know not why ....

So, I am doing something wrong, or .... ?

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  • Bob G
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    Amazing. Who would have ever thunk it.
  • GeoffG
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    More importantly, never leave Quicken open for any length of time unattended. Doing so risks unintended data corruption if Windows reboots from a Windows update or power is lost.
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