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Ever since I put mobile app in my iPhone and my wife's it has reconciled transactions on my desktop going way back, Q will not do the math correctly unless I shut it down and restart and many other quirks I didn't have until I tried to install and use the Q mobile app. Does this sound familiar to any of you. We have just spent 2 days going back 1.5 years re reconciling all our accts. The only plus is we found more money than Q said we had. I have been a user of Q for 15 - 20 years And it seems to have become progressively worse.


  • Should read "UnReconciled" transaction
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    Well lets put it this way.  I doubt there is any SuperUser that can give you any "long term use case" information because none of them use Quicken web/mobile for anything other than testing for the problems people report on here (or maybe in beta).
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  • Well, Chris, Thanks for responding. I found a answer. I took it off both our phones, threw the crappy apps out. I am really sorry it didn't work as advertised. Would have been handy. Q is just not the same as it used to be!
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