How to enter a transaction in reminders that will show in security history?

Quicken 2013: I can enter a CD income transaction from reminders, but the transaction does not show in that security's transaction history.
Is there a way to correct this problem?

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    (Edited to delete incorrect information.)
    In order for CD income (or any security income) to show up in that security's transaction history it needs to be entered into the investment account as an investment transaction in which that security is selected but the Income Reminder for your CD interest was probably entered into your investment account register as a Deposit transaction.
    To fix this, Edit that Deposit transaction in your investment account and change it to an Inc - Income (Div, Int, etc.), select your CD security that the interest income came from, enter the amount of the Interest and remove any dollar amounts in any other field (most likely under Miscellaneous) so that Total Proceeds equals the amount entered as Interest and then click on Enter/Done.  Now it will show up in your reports as an interest income transaction for that CD.  It will also show up in Portfolio under the Income column for that investment account and CD security (if you have that view set up to show the Income column).

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    @Sherlock - Well, I'll be.  I can still learn something! 
    @mgg - I must apologize.  The process in my earlier post is certainly one way to manage the Income Reminder but it is partially manual and I was very mistaken about not being able to set up an Income Reminder as a security transaction in an investment account.  Also, I wasn't aware the Scheduled Transaction Group process could do this, too. 
    I don't know when Quicken put this functionality into Income Reminder but if QW 2013 does support it:
    • Add an Income Reminder and select type in a name for the Payee (in my test I called it Fidelity CD).
    • Enter the next due date
    • Select your investment account 
    • Select Interest which will open a field where you can select the CD security.
    • Under Optional Settings, select the number of days you want to be reminded or select for it to be automatically entered into the register.
    • Click on Done.  This reminder will then enter an investment transaction linked to your CD.
    If you don't have this Income Reminder functionality in QW 2013 then the Scheduled Transaction Group also worked well in my test file.  Follow the instructions in Help.  I found it pretty easy to set up.
    Let us know if you have any questions or encounter difficulty in setting this up.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    Sherlock & Boatnmaniac
    Thank you for your help! Very nice that you offer your time and knowledge to assist us less experienced. Think I'm learning a bit more.
    Still lacking though. My help file says:
    "Memorized Investment Transactions:"
    "Use these procedures to schedule recurring investment transactions other than dividend and interest payments"
    "Dividend and interest transactions for investment accounts can now be handled as straightforward bill and income reminders."
    I don't set it for auto transaction because the dates and amount vary.
    I want the checking to show correct amount, avoid possible overdraw.
    An observation:
    If I click on Bills tab, edit and enter, click on "show history", the entry is listed.
    Or I can click enter directly from the reminders
    But if I go to the CD account history, it doesn't show the transaction.
    If I go to the account, enter income transaction, account history does show.
    Then I need to go back to reminders and enter skip
    Any of the 3 methods properly enters the amount into my checking acct.
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    Thanks again Sherlock
    I'll read how to use Scheduled Transaction Group.
    Please confirm the alternative:
    Click on reminder that adds CD Int. to CD acct., then click on another reminder that transfers CD acct funds to my Chk acct?
  • mgg
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    You are absolutely correct (of course). I've experimented and learned.
    Thank you for the education. I appreciate your time and effort.
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