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Major bug: categories changed to indecipherable text & syncing cloud data fails

So here is a major bug with Quicken Mac.

I'm using Quicken Version 5.16.1 (Build 516.33903.100) on macOS 10.15.5.

I wanted to cleanup my Categories a bit. So, I went into the Categories window and decided to "Add Default Categories". Then, I merged a bunch of categories, created some new subcategories, and generally did some nice cleanup.

Everything was fine for several hours, until I decided to "Update All Online Accounts".

After doing that, it told me that I needed to Reset Quicken Cloud because the sync failed.

I tried to reset Quicken Cloud, but resetting the Quicken Cloud failed, because Quicken gave me over 100 "Category Sync Error sayings" that said that "Quicken had a problem syncing this category: DUMMY_<indecipherable text>".

Then, I went into my list of Categories, and a ton of my Category Names had been changed into <indecipherable text>!

Luckily, all but one of those categories were unused, so I just chose the option to "Remove Unused Categories". 

I was left with only one category at this point:

<Indecipherable text> 
was the category name, and "Charity" was the Subcategory.

I used to have my own category called "Charity" (with no subcategories at all), but now it had moved "Charity" into a subcategory underneath <indecipherable text>. 

I moved the new "Charity" subcategory into another category, and deleted the <indecipherable text> category. And now I'm left with only valid categories.

Then, I went to Reset Quicken Cloud, and it seemed to work.

Now, when I choose "Update All Online Accounts", it seems to work.

So anyways, it seems to be working for the time being, but this is definitely a bug happening here. And I'm worried that this bug will happen again, the next time I try to "Add Default Categories".

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