Stock Quote Update Problems - anyone else?

Updating stock quotes has not been a problem for years - normally via One Step Update. Recently, it is not operating well. Sometimes I have gone back to ask again to update quotes and it will update more. Tonight (July 6), it plugged today's close into July 3 meaning that it shows no change in price for July 6. I even went back and tried to update quotes for all securities for 5 days. No impact. The process is no longer working correctly.

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    I am having the exact same issue in just the past few days. It isn't Fidelity either. This is limited to One Step Update. If I update the individual accounts its fine, however if I use One Step Update even after the correct quotes are loaded, it will revert the quotes to older ones.
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    @J_Hamm the same applies for some other brokers.  For instance AmeriTrade has been identified as doing the same thing.
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    Ahh, I didn't see where Ameritrade was having the same issue.  I also have Lincoln Financial Wealthscape accounts with the issue but they are serviced by Fidelity.
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    At least tonight my Fidelity Account updated but not my Schwab.
    bmciance, thanks for the link to the other thread. Sounds like future posts should be there. I will watch my accounts more closely in the coming days between what is happening in One-Step-Update and what happens with additional updates. I had not noticed a problem with timing of Fidelity quotes in the past, but will watch for that now as well.
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    My net worth is correct and shows updated.(I'm confident it's correct because it ties to my Mint account) But if i look at investing the day gain/loss is off. I can run it multiple times and it gives me a different total day gain/loss each time i run. Some investments show as if they haven't updated and have old prices. I'm using Schwab, Fidelity, and Etrade. I know my portfolio gained about $12k today. Sometimes I run one step and it shows $1k, sometimes $8k. Started noticing last week.
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    These comments are all similar to what has been expressed in the other thread. How does this get communicated to Quicken so that they treat this as a bug that must be fixed?
  • If I do a one step update on the same day, the updates are incorrect and use the day before values. If I do a one step update the following day, the previous days quotes are correctly updated. Seems it's broken for quotes on the same day, even after the market has been closed for many hours. Deleting the bad quotes and trying the one step update again results in the same problem .
  • Just said this from reading the link in the comments above. This worked for me.
    > @MishawakaKirk said:....... "So, this is not resolved, not fixed; but it is work-able, realizing the easy work-around. It is now a Two-Step update.... use OSU first, to get Bank & CC transactions; then go to Investing >> Update to get a mid-day +/- update of portfolio's."
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    This has been happening consistently to me as well. All was working well a few weeks ago, but now it is not-This has only recently begun with the Quicken update over the past few weeks. My transactions download with one-step update, but when I look for updated quotes, one-step update does not download them, for ANY of my accounts. I have to go to the Investments tab, and click on the update tab and have Quicken update the quotes and prices in addition to doing a one-step update. This is obviously a glitch, and Quicken needs to address it.
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    I have the same problem, I've had it for years. Forget about trying to clean up historical quotes, the errors will just come back. This program, which back in 1992 used to be marvelous, has turned into a bloated dinosaur. Slow, prone to crashes and not reliable. Why can't another firm come up with competing software? Quicken stinks.
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