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When updating transactions from Fidelity, some are listed in 1 transaction indicating Reinvdiv as they should, while others are listed in 2 transactions indicating div and bought. Is there a way to fix this or an easy way to change the ACTION? When I try to change the action, it won't give me reinvdiv as an option. I am having to reenter so many transactions by hand.

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  • GeoffG
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    I've seen this same issue from Fidelity. Not sure since I'm taking it from memory, but I believe you can type "R" in the action column to bring up Reinvdiv. It does not display when scrolling, but as I recall, should pop up.
  • halladventure
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    Thank you for the help. Splasher's suggestion worked great. I was a bit confused because it will only say ReinvInc, but then it changes to Reinvdiv when you save it.
  • splasher
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    I have done it for so long, I had to watch what did happen, but a "bought" transaction showed this immediately after doing "Alt-V":

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    @halladventure - @splasher 's solution is a good workaround but it doesn't address the root cause of this problem.  I, too, have Fidelity accounts and Fidelity does sometimes download some funky stuff when it comes to the Core Fund which is a Money Market Fund.  Does the issue you see occur with only one fund and is that a MMF?
    If it is a MMF, does the ticker for that MMF in the Positions tab of your online account have two asterisks behind it (such as SPAXX**)?  Those two asterisks indicate that is the Core Fund.
    If this is the case, then perhaps you might want to bear with me some so we can explore a few things to make sure Quicken is properly capturing your Core Fund holdings, cash and transactions properly so the total value of your account in Quicken matches what Fidelity shows it is in you online account.

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