Mobile sync crashing

Mike Llewelyn
Mike Llewelyn Member ✭✭
I dont' know if this is a bigger issue. I spent almost 6 hours rebuilding my investment accounts last week after one step update crashed contstantly. Chatted with support who gave up and blamed Microsoft. I finally had to completely start over by removing all accounts from online service and reentering passwords. ALL accounts then downloaded 2 years to the day every transaction as though it was new. Took hours to clear out.

Now, I'm simply trying to sync to the mobile app and Quicken crashes every time.

Really disappointed in this

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  • Gamal Mustafa
    Gamal Mustafa Member ✭✭✭
    I was having the same problem, plus sometimes afeter a sync it corrupted my desktop file. I gave up using mobile sync after months of havings to go back and fix the file. I tried Copy, Validate and Super Validate, but nothing seem to work.
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