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when I sell shares can Q(Mac) transfer cash received to a Q(Mac) cash account?

when I sell shares can Q(Mac) transfer cash received to a Q(Mac) cash account?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited July 2020
    Yes it can, but not in a single transaction. After entering the sell transaction, which increases the account's cash balance, enter a transaction of type Deposit/Payment. Enter a corresponding negative Amount for this transaction, enter "Transfer" for the category, and enter the name of the destination cash account in the Transfer column. If the Transfer column is not showing, enable it via menu View > Columns. 
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  • Shermanart
    Shermanart Member ✭✭
    Another example of how Subscription Mac 2020 has lost useful features from earlier versions. The new subscription version also does not allow a column that tells the "amount invested" not including reinvested dividends; it's not possible to easily find out how much gain there is above the initial investment.
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