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I'm totally lost in the structure of this community. It may be organized in some secret format for you others, but I can't even find a start point. I tried using that question box and could not even deal with it.

I was going to comment about the problem with PENFED but there was no place to do so. I guess it's closed down.

Just give up on them for automated updates, log on, and download all of your accounts one by one. Only sure way. I've got 13 Accounts to download, so don't come back at me. I never have had a problem with using a browser to access them.

One-step will work for a short period and then be off for a while, besides their downloaded balances may not be even close. I can't rely on them anymore. I've been a member there for 57 years and have used Quicken almost from its start. It's the same story over and over.

Why do I stick with them? Because I can get more things done over the phone than with any other bank. I know the robotic menu is a pain, but you can usually get a real person with 2 jumps.

Have you got a primer around someplace for the community?

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