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I have two accounts at Vanguard, a mutual fund account and a brokerage account. I plan to transfer all the securities in the mutual fund account to the brokerage account. From what I can tell from Qwin and a response from Rocket J Squirrel's (Bullwinkle's buddy!) response to a similar query the "share transfer between accounts" is the way to go. Following that approach, will all the lot details carry over in Q as there is more than 10 years of lot history for each fund in the mutual fund account that I would really like to preserve? Thank you, Community


  • Jim_Harman
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    The lot details for your current holdings will transfer to the Brokerage account and the original transactions will remain in the old account. 

    To see performance info before and after the transfer, include both accounts in the analysis.
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    Make a backup of your data file BEFORE you start and if you don't like the results of RJS's instructions, do a restore of the backup.
    The lots all transfer with a current date, but the original purchase date is retained for tax purposes.

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