Investment Performance Report: Gains not based on cost basis

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Hi, is there a way to generate an investment performance report that calculates gain based on money put in and not on cost basis? The raw gain numbers shown in Account Overview use cost basis as a basis for the performance, but that is not always desired. Dividend reinvestment affect the cost basis, so the default report hides the value of the dividend gains. As an example, if I initially invest $1000 and then reinvest $100 in dividend (for simplicity's sake assume the same price per share), the value and cost basis of the fund is $1100. Quicken will show 0% gain. But really there is 10% gain based on the fact that I only put in $1000.

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  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you consider using the Investment Performance report: select Reports > Investing > Investment Performance
  • ftcnative
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    I'm also interested in same - That report is not it. I want how much I (personally NOT what my employer) contributed INTO an account. And the rate of return in the WHOLE account. Also, want to add in the "gains" due to not paying income tax on that allotment (would be incremental tax bracket for the YEAR).
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