Is there a way to compare current year actual to current year budget without category groups?

I would like to be able to compare my actual YTD to my current year budget YTD in the same order and layout that the income and expense report allows for YTD to last year same period. The budget comparison reports are in category group order (totals on top) and not in income and expense order (totals on bottom).


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    maybe I am not following, but if you look under 'reports', "spending", "current budget" and then click the setup tool at the upper right .... under the display tab there is the option to charge the report layout from 'group category' to 'income and expense'.  - does that answer it? 
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    The totals are on top in the budget report you referenced, not the bottom. What I would like is that I can compare actual YTD to current budget YTD in the layout like Reports/ Comparison/ Income and Expense by category. Instead of comparing to last year's data, I would like to compare to this year's budget.
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    it's a 'canned' report, so the placement of the totals can not be changed. 

    However, you can change the 'date range' on the upper left to YTD so that actual YTD compares to budget YTD
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