Does Quick Pay for Mac (version 5.17.5) allow future payment dates or not?

According to you are supposed to be able to schedule future payments using both Quick Pay and Check Pay. I have been getting the message "Date must be today" when trying to schedule future payments using Quick Pay. I called Quicken support today and was told that Quick Pay only allows today's date for payments, but Check Pay allows future payments. My question is: Which is it? Does the latest version (5.17.5) of Quicken for Mac allow future dates when using Quick Pay or not. And if so, what might be causing the "Date must be today" message when trying to schedule a future date using Quick Pay?


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    Hello @jaggerca,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and explaining your issue, though I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

    You should be able to pay using future dates with both Quick Pay and Check Pay payments. Since it will not allow you to change the date from the Quick Pay dialogue window as instructed in the support article you found, then if you haven't already, I suggest trying the alternate method of initiating the payment directly from your Quicken register instead. 

    In your register, simply enter the date desired to pay, and in the Check # field, choose the option for Pay with Quick Pay (see below)Then, fill out the payee, category, and amount.


    Though, please, keep in mind that each biller does set their own limits for how far ahead they allow any third-party bill pay service to pay in advance. So, should this method also fail, then that would indicate that the biller is blocking how far ahead you are trying to send the payment.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Thank you for the reply, however I get the same message "Date must be today" when using the method you described. I can put a future date in the register directly, but after entering the payee, amount and submitting the information it comes back with the same message. I tried using tomorrow (Aug. 25) as the pay date so I don't think that should be exceeding any limit set by the biller (PG&E) on how far in advance you can schedule a payment. This happens with other Quick Pay billers, not just PG&E.

    Also I have called this issue into the support group a couple weeks ago and we created a whole new Quicken file. After setting up everything including Quick Pay it allowed me to schedule a future date once, but it only worked the first time. Afterward it reverted back to giving me the "Must be todays date" message.

    One other piece of information that may be useful is that I have had at least two different payees (linked with eBill) that do not get the most recent bill information. I can log directly in to the payee website and see that there is a new bill, but Quicken does not download or recognize it. It just says "Awaiting next bill". And yes, I have clicked the update button on the Bills & Income page and also have tried un-linking and then re-linking the payee.

    Thanks again.
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    Thank you for the additional information.

    At this point, I recommend reaching out to Quicken Support again. Our support agents will need to check your online bills and Bill Manager account internally to see if there are any errors encountered directly from within the servers which may require an escalation or assistance from our Tier 2 team.
    -Quicken Anja
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